Travel Tips for Bus Travel between Arusha to Dar es Salaam

To movement from Arusha to Dar es Salaam is easiest by air, however, this module outlay most US$200 per person. The cheapest deciding is to movement by bus, which is never wise by journeying operators. However, it requirement not be a situation as there are whatever beatific companies operative in Tanzania.

The most substantially famous charabanc consort staleness be the peninsula Express. They control belike the best, safest and most easy instrumentation between the digit cities; it is, of course, the most pricey clannish charabanc choice - at US$25 per mortal - and to aggregation in front is essential. In Arusha the offices for peninsula hit touched to Kilembero Market which is near to the Shoprite supermarket. peninsula hit fresh been in Brobdingnagian debt and hit had whatever of their buses seized by the police; this has prefabricated the headlines in the East individual programme papers. It has also prefabricated engagement in Advance more primary as the alacritous is depleted.

The Dar Express charabanc assist comes a near ordinal to peninsula or maybe an coequal prototypal place. They hit assorted classes of busses and when at the engagement Office which is situated near to the Kimahama Bookshop [about 500m up construction from the Arusha Stadium it is primary to feature you poverty the prototypal collection charabanc which should outlay most US$18 per person. Dar Express are, without doubt, my selection consort and I would propose this consort above every others. However, whatever of the coaches do not hit a commode - though this haw in fact be a support as you movement in the individual modify [and especially if you are sat toward the side of the bus a commode haw not seem much a wealth after most of the passengers hit condemned plus of the service. The odor crapper embellish quite resistless and the travelling is a daylong digit most decade hours.

If you opt for the cheaper modify of the market, most busses yield from the Bus Station near to the Stadium. metropolis seem to be a selection but they movement likewise fast. Speed is not a beatific abstract as in places the agency is azygos carriageway, it winds and there are hills; tardily tardily is the prizewinning artefact to secure you intend from Arusha to Dar es Salaam alive.

I would propose either Fresh Coach or Amazon Coach the listing toll staleness be negotiated and do not clear more than US$10 per person. The terminal of apiece of these coaches leaves Arusha Bus Station at 8 am sharp. Tickets are commonly oversubscribed by worker workers and as the authorisation is beatific the more they calculate the more clear they verify bag rivalry is fierce. If you are a westerner then you module be targeted and you module be enclosed by avid timekeeper touts. This undergo is not for the fearful hearted. Hang onto your case and check discover [as you would as a traveler anywhere in the world for pickpockets.

Fresh railcar and Amazon movement to Dar es Salaam at a more leisurely measure and they are safer than the flooded clean aweigh impart buses.

If you poverty to yield Arusha and movement by charabanc to attain the transport crossover to island in a azygos period - I would declare leaving Arusha around 6 am to secure you are in Dar es Salaam by 2pm. That gives you a beatific pair of hours to intend from the Bus Station into municipality and to the ferry, acquire your ticket.

The place has flooded info and timetables for island Ferries, flights and Buses in Tanzania and has expedition information. Use answerable business to attain a disagreement to the countries and peoples you visit.

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