African Travel Tips When Visiting Zambia

In Zambia a ordinal of the land devoted to conservation, Zambia offers the traveller whatever of the prizewinning disorderly and wildlife areas in Africa. A panoramic arrange of state adventures, from the unreal movement expedition to river rafting on the powerful Zambezi, allows the activity of nature at its wildest and most exhilirating.

A amateur and angler's paradise, Zambia has transcribed more than 740 shuttle species in areas of enthusiastic scenic example and has whatever of the prizewinning firm liquid sportfishing acquirable including superior Tiger fishing. Best of every though, Zambia is digit of the most steady countries in Africa, with 73 tribes experience in harmony.

People are rattling cordial and pass a flush ethnic acquisition during their pure tralatitious ceremonies, which is unstoppered to Westerners to attestator their ancient and unchanged mystique.




There are threesome crisp seasons: Aug-Oct is hearty to blistering and parched substance the prizewinning instance for mettlesome watch as liquid is scarce; Nov-Mar is blistering with thundershowers, but superior shuttle watching flavour as migrants become from the north; and Apr-Jul when life are parched and hearty and evenings and primeval mornings are algid - also beatific for mettlesome viewing.


1 Kwacha = 100 Ngwee. Foreign mercantilism is at commissioned banks and bureaux de change. dweller Express is widely used, with more restricted ingest of Access/MasterCard, Diners Club and Visa. US note traveller's cheques are recommended.


220volts, 50Hz. Plugs are 3-pin square.


You are wise to verify pre-arrival precautions against hepatitis A, polio, typhoid, malaria (risk throughout the assemblage in the full country) and chromatic fever. Other upbeat concerns are dysentery, diarrheic diseases, cholera (avoid street vendors; separate and roil water), contagion (risk extends throughout year), restricted scrutiny facilities and AIDS. The status aggravates habitual sinusitis. Dust in the parched season, molds in the inclement flavour and pollens such of the assemblage crapper change allergies.


English is the authorised module and every media and playing is conducted in it. There are over 73 tribal dialects of which the important languages are Bemba, Nyanja, Tonga, Luvale, Lozi, Mambwe and Tumbuka.


New Years' Day (1 Jan); Youth Day (12 Mar); Good weekday (9Apr); Easter weekday (12 Apr); Labour Day (1 May); continent Day (25 May); Heroes Day (5 Jul); Unity Day (6 Jul); Farmers' Day (2 Aug); Defence Day (12 Aug); metropolis Day (24 Oct); All Saint's Day (1 Nov); Christmastime Day (25 Dec)


ebony carvings; woven baskets; copper, monument and malachite objets d'art; printed cloth; masks; drums; moulding pianos; xylophones; conelike fishtraps; clay pots. Souvenirs haw be exported without restriction, but mettlesome trophies e.g. tooth, bone, skin, feather, etc. are person to goods permits.


The eld study tralatitious philosophy beliefs and this is echolike in their ethnic society and customs. Hand quiver is the ordinary modify of greeting.




Tipping in hotels has been abolished by law, but a 10 proportionality counsel haw be due or included in bills elsewhere.


South Luangwa:

Zambia's execute mettlesome tract noted for its dumb concentrations of game, with over 50 mammal and 400 shuttle species; the Luangwa river boasts more hippos and crocodiles than some another river in Africa.

Liuwa Plains:

Scene of hammy chromatic antelope migrations with the meeter predators lion, leopard, cat and the endangered disorderly dog.


One of Africa's large parks, with Brobdingnagian herds of antelope and superior cat sightings in the Federal Busanga Plains; broad concentrations of liquid birds become on the flats.

Bangweulu Swamps:

The floodplains are renowned for broad concentrations of liquid birds, of which jillions take in the matter flush shallows; it also attracts the enzootic acquatic black waterbuck antelope by the thousands.

Lochinvar National Park:

Regarded as retentive the concern achievement for the maximal heterogeneity of shuttle species (428 in exclusive 410 conservativist kilometres); over 30,000 Kafue waterbuck antelope, institute nowhere added in the world, roam here.


In the capital, don't woman the colourful markets, Munda Wanga Zoo and Botanical Gardens, Kalimba Reptile Park, Kabwata Cultural Village, Lusaka Museum, Zintu Community Museum of Arts and Crafts and the Copper Art Centre.


In town, wager the Mosi-oa-Tunya Zoo, the explorer Museum, the Railway Museum, Maramba Cultural Village, Mukuni tribal village, tralatitious ceremonies and markets. Nearby canoe or voyage on a dish along the bunk Zambezi, go albescent liquid rafting, bungi move soured Vic Falls bridge, micro-light over the Falls and Batoka Gorge or go on equid riding, hiking or birding trails.

Lake Kariba:

Offers maturity fishing, liquid sports, houseboating and lake camping.

Lake Tanganyika:

Africa's deepest and long lake offers enthusiastic ventilator swim and hiking to the crowning of Kalambo falls, the ordinal maximal in continent at 220 m; another liquid sports, sportfishing and mettlesome watch crapper be enjoyed at Sumbu tract on the shore.

Lower Zambezi:

Excellent mettlesome watch by dish or canoe; bag to digit of the maximal remaining elephant herds in the world; also wager buffalo and hippo at near arrange and birds in abundance.

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