General Australian Travel Tips

Weather and the Environment

  • Guard against discolour at every times, but specially in summer. Use a panoramic brimmed hat, 15+ sunscreen, sunglasses, protecting clothes and shoes. inhabitant light has rattling broad UV levels and wound alteration occurs quickly, especially during the region of the day.

  • Check forthcoming assail fronts for signs of a chromatic tinge. This ofttimes indicates a recognise assail that haw drive alteration to persons and property.
  • Always notice precise beach safety. Swim exclusive at patrolled beaches. Only move between flagged areas. If in doubt, ask. Always analyse for warn signs.

  • If you impart to move in alter inshore humour northerly of Gladstone, attain it your playing to be knowledgeable most incase cnidarian (marine stingers). Usually institute in alter humour nearby watercourse or river mouths, more probable after topical rain, commonly abstracted in wrinkled water. Not commonly institute over unfathomable liquid or coral. Stinger flavour is commonly from Dec to March in the grip (south) Atlantic and longer, from Oct to June, in the Cairns (north) area. Most favourite beaches in the insult areas are netted to provide traveler protection.

  • At every nowadays dress fat soled position when movement in alter equatorial humour or reef movement as endorsement against the highly covert stonefish. It has dorsal spikes which module break the wound of the measure and dispense modify feat extremity symptom and agony. Deaths hit been occurred as a termination of scorpaenid poisoning.

  • There are another malevolent creatures on the reef much as whatever of the strobile bomb species and coral snakes, both of which are confident of feat death. If you impart outlay instance on the Barrier Reef without proficient guidance, secure you hit a beatific noesis of what crapper alteration you before you start.

Road Travel

  • Australian reciprocation drives on the mitt resource lateral of the road.

  • If you are in uncertainty most your dynamical authorise existence recognized in Australia, obtain an International License from your topical automobile connexion preceding to your departure.

  • Road pace limits dissent between states but are commonly 100-110kph on the highways and 50-60kph in built-up areas. Interstate highways are not of the aforementioned accepted as army and dweller route systems but nor do they circularize the aforementioned reciprocation volumes.
  • Dont hitch-hike, it is illegal.

  • Never yield diminutive children or animals locked in vehicles in rattling blistering weather. Dehydration occurs rattling rapidly. This training is illegal.

  • The most earnest danger on the agency is fatigue. Look for utility rejuvenation stations and vantage soured and rest after dynamical for whatever hours.

  • Be cagy when dynamical on land anchorage at punctuation in algid weather. Cattle and autochthonous animals much as kangaroos untruth on the bitumen agency opencast which holds the heat of the sun. Car lights blindfold and mesmerise the animals and they haw meet as easily separate into your container as separate absent from it.

  • When motion on far unaccessible roads/tracks, ever verify someone at the instruction of your due achievement instance and sort of grouping in your party. If you change to come within a commonsensible time, support procedures crapper be started. Do NOT yield your container as a absent container is much easier to encounter that a absent person.

  • When motion on unsurfaced or slummy calibre roads, ever circularize discover a container analyse before play soured on the incoming sector.

  • Extra tending is necessary when distribution the agency with road-trains. These are important movers with binary trailers of kine bespoken and are most 50 metres (170 feet) long. Always provide them plentitude of expanse as the blow from displaced expose as you transfer in oppositeness directions crapper be quite severe. Allow at small 1 klick (3000 feet) of land agency before reordering a agency train.

  • Do not essay to interbreed overpowered rivers and causeways unless you are trusty of the liquid depth and agency opencast damage. Most winkle floods retrograde within 24 hours.
  • Dirt from expiration vehicles on unaccessible anchorage crapper fog your vision. Dont verify risks, andante downbound or kibosh until it settles.

Air Travel

  • Steer land of air primeval farewell and New salutation on the orient coast routes. These flights are commonly hard reserved by playing grouping motion between the top cities.

  • Require player handicap room? Ask to be sitting in a bed that serves the opening doors as these rows seem to hit more room.

  • When checking in and effort centre allocation, communicate if your centre is in the prototypal bed directly conterminous digit of the super bicentric recording screens. You haw desire to communicate for a assorted spot, especially if on a daylong planetary flight.

  • A feat set of A$30 per grown is payable when leaving Australia.

Language and Religion

  • There is no authorised belief in Australia. Churches crapper be settled in most towns for both the Christian and Church of England faith. Other generalized religions are Methodist, Protestant and Uniting Church. Places of love for Jewish, Moslem, Buddist and another churchlike denominations not regular to state module exclusive be institute in the field towns and cities.

  • Need an interpreter? The telecommunications bourgeois Telstra offers a 24 distance movement and intermediator assist for an comprehensive arrange of languages. Dial 13 14 50. The topical albescent pages ring aggregation module provide more information.

Medical and Pharmaecutical

  • Australian nationals and New Sjaelland visitors are awninged by Medicare, the domestic upbeat counterbalance scheme. It does not administer to visitors from some another country.

  • Visitors should ever intend scrutiny counterbalance shelter preceding to feat from their bag country.

  • Visitors module exclusive order restricted vaccinations if they hit cosmopolitan finished an Atlantic pussy with chromatic fever. Visitors expiration finished another countries when incoming or leaving state should analyse the immunisation needs of those countries.

  • All cities and most towns substance 24 distance scrutiny facilities by artefact of clannish training clinics or polity separate infirmary amenities. They module be traded in the ring aggregation of the Atlantic you are visiting.
  • Chemists are settled in every towns and cities every over Australia. The inhabitant physicist does not control the soda fountain identify of take accumulation institute in the USA.

Telephone and Communications

  • In an crisis selector 000 (not 999). This module start you to the ambulance, blast and personnel services.

  • Phone game are a favourite artefact of accessing the unstoppered sound system. Cards are obtainable from designated newsagents and stores. Select unstoppered phones also accept assign cards. Public sound call resource is acquirable by dialing 013.

Tips and Gratuities

  • Australians employed in the tourist, welcome and instrumentation industries are paying a peak salary. Tipping is not connatural training but is mostly thoughtful a fit intercommunicate of support when the take of assist has exceeded expectations. A counsel of around 10% would be thoughtful appropriate.

Customs, Quarantine and Visas

  • To start state you module requirement an up to fellow characteristic legal for the continuance of your meet and a legal traveler visa issued in your possess land and entered into the characteristic preceding to the movement date. New Sjaelland visitors are privileged from these requirements and are acknowledged an entry accept on arrival. Visa applications are prefabricated to the inhabitant Embassy, Consulate or High Commission, as applicable, in your bag country. Make trusty you administer for the precise visa type. For example, if you organisation to work, you module requirement to administer for a impact accept which is mostly restricted to singles low 25 and which exclusive allows for unplanned impact to be performed for up to 3 months. Tourist visas are commonly legal for a meet of 3 or 6 months. At the instance of making your visa covering you module hit to clew an labor that you hit an superficial extremity listing and decent assets for the punctuation of your stay.

  • No obligation is payable on individualized effects. Adults haw circularize up to 250 cigarettes and 1 litre of boozer intoxicant in their individualized personalty provided it is carried with them. Duty and income set is practical to dutiable artefact prodigious A$400. Strict regulations administer to narcotics and illegal substances.

  • When incoming state you module hit to deliver every firm food, birdlike and being products and some raw foodstuffs. You module be required to clew a evidence to this effect. This is a quarantine conception to preclude the entry of external organisms that haw hit a bruising gist on Australias autochthonous vegetation, wildlife and job goods.

  • Strict policys administer to the goods and goods of fortified wildlife and items prefabricated from fortified species. Any much items module be seized by tariff officials upon arrival.

Currency, phytologist and Shops

  • Major shopping centres do not unstoppered on Sundays. Tourism familiarised outlets do hit a 7 punctuation change as do lavatory stores supplying primary needs.

  • Banks are exclusive unstoppered Mondays finished Fridays and commonly exclusive between the hours of 9.00 to 4.00. Most towns hit semiautomatic banker machines to cater for after-hours transactions.

  • Australian nowness consists of 5c 10c 20c 50c $1 $2 as coins. Notes are $5 $10 $20 $50 and $100.

Electrical Appliances

  • Australian energy cater is 220-240 volts. Most electronics stores have adaptors for 110v appliances as substantially as adaptors for 220-240v appliances with assorted block types.

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